How do I set up a rental unit / room / apartment in the HoHoManager?

Hello everybody – today once again in a loose order a series from the series “FAQ, Tips and Tricks”. Today: Setting up a rental unit / room / apartment.

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Setting up a rental unit / room / apartment is a very important step in setting up your personal HoHoManager.

You always have to assign an apartment or a room to an object / building.
Before you create an apartment or a room, you must first create the object in which the apartment or room is located.

The individual steps for creating an object are the following:

  1. You are on the start page (the “Dashboard” of the HoHoManager).
  2. Click on the gray gear in the HoHoManager logo. You are now in the mask “Settings & Statistics”
  3. Select “Objects & Rooms” to bring up the “Object and Room Overview”
  4. You will now see a list of objects you have already created
  5. Click the “+” sign to the right of the object to which you want to assign a rental unit / room / apartment
  6. You are now in the “Room Properties” screen and can now enter the master data of your room.
  7. You can enter the equipment of your room via the link “room equipment”.
  8. At the bottom of the screen you can see the function “Copy the calendar .ics Link”. By clicking this function, you can copy the link for the occupancy calendar to the clipboard.
    The .ics link is an essential feature of the HoHoManager. You can subscribe to it on external booking platforms or your Outlook / Mac calendar, keeping your external calendar up-to-date.
  9. Be sure to complete the entry by clicking on the Save “check mark” in the upper right corner of the screen.

Please note that almost all information given here will appear on the guest’s later invoice and travel information. Therefore, these should be entered very carefully.

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Have fun & success using the HoHoManager.

Oliver from HoHoManager